Deep Dive Tarot Spread
Deep Dive Tarot Spread

Saturday we have made it to another Scorpio New Moon! Embrace whatever emotions are coming out this week. If you’ve been experiencing fear or anxiety around a certain situation, it’s time to dive deeper and find some real answers. These real answers will help inspire new, fresh intentions moving forward.

Set some intentions that may bring you closer to your true self and release an old phase of yourself. What is a trait you’ve always wanted to embody, but never thought it was possible?

Ask yourself, “why do I want this?” This will help you gain clarity on your path towards your new intentions by clearing the fog between where you are now and what you really want. If you are unclear in your mind, the Universe is unclear as well.

A rebirth only seems natural for me after the energies of October. With all the retrogrades going on, we were forced to purge out so much shit. Old behaviors, thought patterns, situations, and even people all came up for me. It’s a time to observe these things from a 4D perspective in order to change and create new channels within ourselves. Recognize when you feel like responding in an unwanted way, stop, and respond differently. It’s this little change over and over again that builds a habit.

Growth entails looking in the mirror. Are you able to see your own toxic traits? Can you recognize when you’ve overreacted? What are you doing now to replace any unwanted behaviors within yourself? Can you genuinely apologize? It’s time we start accepting these questions as normal and focus on self-awareness. 

Deep Dive Scorpio Tarot Spread
Deep Dive Scorpio Tarot Spread

1. Overall theme of your life right now.

5 of pentacles. Walking away from old, traditional ways of making money, of thinking about money, of working for money, of feeling about money. Everything around money and abundance is changing for you. This changes is happening because you put in the necessary time and effort to change your thoughts and your life. Walking away from anything that is dead and done with.  Anything that is not offering value to your life needs to become a part of your past. Let it go, babe. 

2. What is the root of any self-destructive behaviors?

Over indulgence. You want to be happy, that’s why anyone does anything – they think they will be happier because of it. This is pointing out an external self-sabotaging behavior like an addiction to food, social media, smoking, caffeine, television, people even. I feel like we need to be softer on ourselves though. Doing these actives sometimes IS FINE. We are here to enjoy this lifetime, this human experience. We are not meant to be so hard on ourselves. This feels like it’s connected to shame. We shame ourselves every time we eat fast food, when in reality, we only eat it once a week. Sometimes I feel guilty for smoking pot, but then I stop to think realistically. Am I happy? Am I functioning? Is this worth shaming yourself for? It’s not. You’re only human. Be human, eat the damn cake. Just not 7 nights a week. 

3. How can you be more honest about your emotions?

Ace of pentacles. How can I be more honest about my emotions? What do you really need? What are you really grateful for? If you take a look around you, you have a lot to work with actually. Take a look in the mirror.  You are enough already, actually. Practicing gratitude and accepting the space you are already in is a sure way to access more truth from your soul. Being on that gratitude vibe makes you feel so good that you can’t help but speak your truth. It’s nice because it comes from a place of love when you have gratitude goggles on.

4. How can you be more emotionally accountable?

12:21 as the 4 pentacles card jumps out of my hands and I wonder.. .really, all pentacles?! Cool. How can you be more emotionally accountable? By doing the necessary, realistic work, stepping up to the plate, and actually BE ACCOUNTABLE. Admit when you’re wrong, but also start to change the idea of what the word wrong means to you. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing and it can be changed in an instant. It is OK to be wrong. Take your time when responding and reacting, move slowly, respond slowly, tell them you need more time. Take some deep breaths and calm down if you need to. Walk up your sturdy latter. 

5. What do you need to master?

What do I need to master. The green all over the table says heart chakra number one. Try to embrace the queen, diplomatic, mature energy from the last card and apply it to your work and relationships. 12:30. Sometimes we need to be the bigger person in a situation. We need to take time to be calm when it’s needed. We need to balance our compassion with our boundaries. The only way to do that is to know what those words mean to you. Sit down and define the words compassion and boundaries. Perhaps your boundaries have been unclear and you’ve been giving to much to someone who didn’t even know they were taking too much because you didn’t know your own boundaries, so how could they? 

6. What area of your life needs more focus?

12:34, man why do I keep looking! Grateful to be in flow right now while creating this. Thank you, Universe. It’s time to focus more on your own thoughts, they may be controlling you a bit more than you are controlling them. There is no room for negative talk of any sorts. Yes, we need to solve our trauma, but work on it, accept it, and grow from it and it is no longer painful.  We literally can turn everything into an asset when we control our thoughts. Our thoughts are our super power. We are the creators of our own reality. Time to get off autopilot and start creating the days you want. It’s all in your head. 

7. What have you been pushing deep down that needs to come to the surface?

You have been unclear and unwilling to admit your deepest desires to yourself. Maybe you think you don’t deserve everything you’ve ever wanted so you’re afraid to ask. Sometimes we won’t even let our minds day dream about our desires because we think they’ll never come true. There are some things deep down that you want out of life and you haven’t asked for them yet. Maybe you’re afraid to day dream of the perfect relationship. For me, I’ve been afraid to day dream about the van I want because I think it’s too expensive. Now is the time to start thinking about what you ACTUALLY WANT and do not settle for less. Speak your truths to the universe AND yourself. With all the pentacles on the table, I need to say it’s a perfect time to manifest and spirit is cheering you on. Plus this spread was for the new moon to begin with? Holy shit, if this isn’t a bunch of signs, I don’t know what is! Happy Scorpio New Moon!

In The Deep Dive tarot spread, I’m using the Santa Muerta Tarot Deck.

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