The Balancing Tarot Spread

The New Moon in Libra this week is asking us to seek more balance in our lives. With the new moon, it’s a time for intention setting, manifesting, and starting things fresh. Libra is about relationships, joy, balance, peace, and harmony. It’s important to step inward and work on balancing our relationship with ourselves to help bring more joy and balance to the outer world around us. The Balancing tarot spread will help guide you to that inner work that needs to be nourished in order to have a more joyous life.

The Balancing Tarot Questions

1. How can I communicate in a more authentic way?

2 of cups. Stop feeling down about yourself and your needs. Don’t feel guilty for expressing your emotions and boundaries. If you start sticking to your boundaries more it will be easier to manage your emotions and attain what you really want. Appreciate every emotion as it is an indicator of where you are now. Use them, be with them, then accept them. Move forward from there with love and compassion for yourself.

2. What area of my life needs more balance and order?

Three of pentacles. The physical world. Watering enough. You’re not balancing in the real world, too much in the spiritual world, or your thoughts. Being too internal and forgetting human, 3D responsibilities that must be taken care of to be successful on this physical planet. You have to water plants to keep them alive, keep them growing. You have to balance and take care of your body, this man is standing with poor posture. Don’t sit there and wait and watch for it to grow either, things take time. Have more faith and belief in divine timing and take care of your physical needs.

3. What do I need to do to achieve that balance?

The Hanged Man. Stop cutting off your own head with downstream thoughts, anxiety, and overthinking. Realize you are the one in control. Don’t let your thoughts block your intuition. Spend more time meditating and being in the present moment to clear the third eye blocks that cloud intuition.

4. What can I do to balance my give and take in relationships?

Queen of Swords. Own your truth. Watch your thoughts. Keeping up with your own boundaries and needs will help balance relationships. Be willing to calmly stand up for yourself and also willing to let go of those people who cannot respect those boundaries. No more people pleasing or worrying about other peoples emotions, feelings, and responses. Those are their responsibility and it’s their job to balance and work on themselves. When you aren’t completely honest because you don’t want to hurt someones feelings, you’re really doing more damage to the relationship as a whole. The people who are for you will come to you authentically.

5. What can I do to strengthen my relationships?

6 of Wands. Teamwork 100%! Learn to work harmoniously with the community, the collective, those close to you. It’s not us against each other. It’s time to view other people as team mates instead of avoiding each other and seeing each other as enemies and competition. It’s time to start enjoying people, helping, cooperating. Find more calm ways to communicate your differences. It’s good that we are all different.

6. How can I keep the peace with those around me?

Page of Swords. Try new ways to communicate. Put in the effort behind the scenes with your own goals and needs. Don’t just expect everyone, including the Universe, to know if you yourself are unclear. You must become more clear on yourself and it will help clear the internal confusion you’re feeling. When you assume or have expectations for someone else, you’re creating a scenario in your head that is usually untrue. Create peace and balance within and you’ll vibrate it out.

In The Balancing tarot spread, I’m using the Santa Muerta Tarot Deck for the month of October ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿค

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