Last night, I celebrated the Fall Equinox and the first quarter moon together in one amazing sitting. Boy, it was the perfect time for a self-reflection tarot spread! Spiritually, the fall equinox is a time of harvest for the intentions and efforts we set earlier in the year. I got to look back and see the seeds I’ve planted turn into emotional growth for me.

The first quarter moon is all about decisions. Reflecting on past decisions, what you learned from those decisions, how can you use these lessons to make better decisions. It feels like these two ideas really support each other. A time to stop and self-reflect on what you’ve done, gained, grown. It inspired this self-reflection tarot spread to bring myself into the now. I need to appreciate how far I have come and where I still need to go.

1. What is preventing me from being present?

3 of Pentacles. Society’s idea of work, hard work. Looking at the physical work in front of me, when I know that money, success, prosperity, value, are already mine. In my back pack apparently, haha! The dome in the background looks empty and useless. The people are bending over with bad posture to work for someone else’s garden. They’re tearing their jeans, hurting her hand, no shoes on. They aren’t working very smart. I have known for a long time that I disagreed with society’s norms. The old idea of working as hard as humanly possible is what’s preventing me from being present. I know that I produce more when I take the time to relax and self-care and self-reflection instead of work work work.

2. What do I need to release?

Muggle. This card is not in every deck, first of all, so don’t look for it! To me, this relates strongly to the first card and answer. I need to release the idea of the ‘American Dream’ because it just never fit for me. I have been stepping away from the normalcies of life for a few years now and it’s finally paying off. Slowly but surely, I get more comfortable with MY idea of what life should look like. This reminds me of Harry Potter. The muggles are the normal people, following normal rules, living normal lives. It reminds me of sheep, human sheep. I need to release the idea that THIS is comfort and success. It’s not for me. This is NOT what I want for my life. I want to set that fence on fire right now.

3. What do I need to embrace?

Strength. Go figure, a card with my own energy, Leo. I’m a Leo Rising. I need to embrace myself and my strengths, yellow tells me to work on my solar plexus. This card also says to me embrace more joy, fun, my inner child. The smaller child is heavier than the big lion, which tells me I am stronger than I think. I’ve been seeing snakes everywhere, including this lions tails. To me this signifies shedding your old skin, letting go of the old, embracing the new. They’re teetering over a canyon, telling me to take the leap of faith and just enjoy it. 11 also tells me to embrace the new journey ahead and take a chance.

4. What is my weak spot?

Temperance. Balance is my current weak spot, which make sense. Libra season started yesterday and is all about balance. Also, it has been a huge theme for me as far as balancing my masculine and feminine energies. The black and white swirling up her legs is the yin/yang as well. All week I have been wanting to push forward and thinking that nothing is enough. I have been trying to balance this by embodying more feminine traits such as sensitivity, compassion, flow, and more rest. When I get too in my masculine energy, like right now, nothing is good enough and resting feels lazy. I know it’s NOT lazy, rest is just as important as work itself. I will continue to make this a focal point right now in my life. Thank goodness for self-reflection, aye. A nice reminder to stick to my goals.

5. What is my strong spot?

Magician. Another 1! I am so ambitious and determined, starting a new journey does NOT bother me. Inside me, I have all the tools and resources I need. As long as I stay connected to Source and my intuition, I can manifest anything I want. The purple makes me think of intuition, the yellow circle around his head is the solar plexus again. When I am in alignment, I am sure and confident in who I am and what my needs are. My intuition and alchemist powers have always been off the charts!

6. What should I do to balance my energy?

9 of Swords. LET GO! Let go of control, of outcomes, of expectations. Have more faith in the universe and divine timing. His eyes are closed which tells me this is all his head. He is imagining that if he let’s go too much he will fall on his sword. If he let’s go too much, he thinks his projects will fail. This reminds me of the Mars Retrograde currently going on because this is how I feel for sure. I was super in flow and trusting up until this retrograde started. My moon is in Aries, so I feel more aggressive, assertive, determined, pushing things forward, but having to wait. This tells me to relax, babe. It’s not as bad as your imagination can make it, but it will be if you don’t change your thoughts.

7. Messages from Spirit Guides.

The Wheel. What goes around comes around, you reap what you sow. I see more fun in this card, gambling, money, abundance, childlike behavior. Have more fun, take more chances. The black and white arrows point up tell me to keep focusing on balancing my masculine/feminine energies again. More yin/yang! More fun! My Spirit Guides are telling me to go for it and enjoy the ride. I love how this is roulette and not a different game of chance. In roulette, you at least get some power over what you’re betting on. Everything will come full circle.

I hope you try out and enjoy my self-reflection tarot spread. It really gave some clarity on what I was already thinking. I love using tarot to pull my truths from me. I’m using The Wise Fool Tarot deck and you can get it from Amazon!

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