New Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread

I have been getting more into the moon cycles for about a year now, and in the last few months added new moon rituals to my calendar. From what I have learned, the new moon is all about setting intentions for the cycle ahead, while the full moon is about releasing and letting go of things that are no longer serving us. For my new moon rituals, I write down things I want to manifest and change and try to learn about the sign the new moon is in so I can best harness that energy.

This month, the new moon is in Virgo, a super logical and practical earth sign. Virgo is letting me know it’s time to get grounded, focused, and work on manifesting in the physical world instead of my dreamy Pisces mind. Although I am grateful for my all powerful imagination, I’ve spent 2020 going through internal challenges, but I love challenges. They create growth, change, expansion. I feel like a different person from when this year started and am so grateful for that. I can’t wait to get home and start physically working on my RV and put all the cute Pins into place 😜

My favorite astrologers are making it clear that this new moon is extremely important for this project and anything in the physical world. (Videos at the bottom.) I am manifesting a safe, functioning RV that my cats are comfortable in. I will build crazy awesome cat trees, whatever it takes to make them happy.

I’m also seeing the perfect RV parks in Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California. I have been talking about Oregon and Washington, but it clicked in my head… it’s about to be winter and it gets cold and snowy up there! If I’m in a home that can take me anywhere, why not chase the weather? I’m taking some advice from the birds and going south for the winter. When I break this down into steps, it’s no longer so intimidating. All my RV needs is (95% sure), the alternator and generator fixed. I’ll need to learn how to work a tow hitch for my car.

Next, I’m for sure going to keep working on the inside! I was doing all these cute projects like painting and wall paper, so I will continue that to make it my home. I need to make sure my brother is OK and in control of the house I’ll be leaving. He’s been alone for 3 weeks already now and it sounds like he’s really thriving, so I feel good about that. Finally, I’ve already started this, but I will continue growing my channels and my skills. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me, I’ve actually doubled my subscribers in the last week. I feel so grateful.

Today, I was pulled to this tarot spread I found on Instagram from cancersunaquamoon, but SHE got it from BiddyTarot, so I just want to give all credit where credit is due, so I’ve linked both of their Instagram accounts above. Both are posting awesome spreads so check them out. I did notice after I was done with my reading, I did the circle in reverse, which was only more confirmation to myself to be present and in the moment.

#1 What needs my attention right now?

3 of Wands. My self, my goals, my boundaries. I need my attention right now. I have been embarking on a solo journey and that is what I need to refocus on – becoming my true self and following my own path. The person in this card is setting out on a journey alone, but is supported by those standing behind him. The sun respresents the solar plexus, the self, confidence, inner power He will reliquish control of the outcome and the past and make way for the bright future.

When you know what you don’t want, you get closer to what you do want, so in this case, my goals are getting clearer, my path is getting brighter and well lit from my inner self being able to light the way for me. What I truly want to grow is my self, and my business, so all my focus must go there. 

#2 How can I improve my career?

6 of Cups. I read this as being playful and giving. Improve my relationships and I will improve my career. I can be very cold and unattached, with no desire to meet or speak to other people at times. I have dealt with a lot of bullshit with my ex that has distorted my relationships with other people. That’s when I know I am out of alignment, because on my best days I chat with every stanger around me and love comes to me in many ways. It also tells me teamwork makes the dream work.

I feel gratitude and connection with source. It’s a reminder that love and gratitude are the only things that matter and when you’re working from that vibration, eveything improves naturally. If I can work through my learned thought patterns from my toxic relationship, I will be more open to receiving better relationships with everyone around me. 

#3 How can I improve my health?

Queen of Pentacles. First of all, I need to be proud of my body and how far it’s come. I wasn’t always as healthy as I am now and although I may have no eaten the best this past week, that does not define me or eliminate any of the progress I have made. This queen of pentacles is in nature, connecting with that the earth has to offer us. I need to step away from the cheese and step back into my normal lifestyle of eating what the earth gives me. It gives me all the nutrients I could ever need. Fruits, vegetables, animal products. I am a vegetarian and that still feels true to me. I broke that many times this past week, but I will not feel guilty for that.

Again, it is a reminder of what my body needs and doesn’t need. The queen of pentacles is telling me nuture and nourish my body. I know what’s good for me and what makes me feel sick. I know when I’m over-eating because of stress, like today. It’s time to connect the dots and show my body the respect it deserves. 

#4 How can I best serve at this time?

The World. By being in alignment and connected to Source. That’s the best way anyone can serve in any moment. To embody a balance of all the elements. This card is the end of the Tarot journey, so I have successfully completed a cycle, but the work is now beginning again. I have leveled up, raised my vibration. Hell, I’ve been having crazy noticable ascension symptoms all September long already. 

#5 How can I bring a greater sense of order to my life?

Kings of Wands. By taming my own inner dragons, by staying calm within the chaos, and owning my fire and using it to my benefit. As opposed to setting the whole path ablaze. I can work with my shadows and demons and turn them into strengths with focus and meditation. I can control how hot it gets inside myself and I need to stop trying to help those people who do not want help or do not want to hear the message.

It is not my job to make you a better, more enlightened person. I don’t have to reply to every fucking message in my inbox, I don’t have to feel pressured from all these random people online saying “come visit me!” Boy, I don’t know you and I don’t care to right now. I cannot control other people and what they say to me, but I can control myself and how I respond. I need to stand in my power for ONCE and remain there for good. 

#6 What is my highest intention for self-mastery?

Queen of Swords. Again, it’s screaming  to me loud and clear. MYSELF and my connection with source. This woman has a beam of light connecting her to her higher power. The entire card is white and yellow which is again, solar plexus, being your true self and stepping into your own power. White is crown chakra, connection with the divine. She is focused and connected and uses action over emotion to make decisions. All she wears are tattered cloths, but she is strong enough to overcome anything that has happened to her in the past. I need to have more faith in myself and continue to trust the universe with my whole heart. 

Two queens and a king, aye! That makes three strong figures standing in their power. The world card is 3 people in one, plus the 3 of wands is embarking on a solo journey to stand in his power. My messages seem loud and clear to me. All the figures in the cards are standing strong in the center of the card, even the 3 of wands as he begins to walk away, except the 6 of cups. This tells me that I need to embrace teamwork in my career.

I am using The Wise Fool Deck which you can get on Amazon! It was my first and favorite deck so far.

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