This is my first time looking at the cycles of the moon in this much detail, and my first time utilizing the last quarter moon energy. The last quarter moon this month is Friday, October 9th at 5:39pm PST and it falls in the sign of cancer, which is what brings me to this weeks self-nourishing tarot spread. I’ve been using the weekly energy of the moon to create my own tarot spreads for 4 weeks now! What do you know, a full cycle already. I should really be proud of myself, I am. I’m using this last quarter moon energy to stop and appreciate how far I have come in my life. You can use your own cards, or my reading below!

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer Spread

Last quarter moon energy is all about celebrating all your little wins that you probably didn’t notice before. This is a new part of my life that I enjoy doing every week and now it’s been four weeks of consistency, something I’ve been lacking in! Show gratitude to yourself and your growth, because you are not the same person you were 1 year ago! Since we are new, improved people, we need new, improved goals and behaviors to match. During the last quarter moon, stop find where adjustments can be made in your day-to-day life that can be make your world more efficient, easy, and simple.

Self Nourishing Tarot Spread
Self Nourishing Tarot Spread

Cancer energy is all about self-nourishment. It’s nurturing, motherly, protective, and calm. It’s telling us to slow down today and really be present and think about all the growth you’ve experienced internally. Briefly think about the toxic behaviors, people, and situations you were able to let go of or move on from. Pat yourself on the back for emotional and mental growth. The growth only you can see.

Self Nourishing Tarot Questions
Self Nourishing Tarot Questions

1. What area of my life has grown the most over the last month? 

5 of Wands. The first things that pop out to me is the color red, root chakra, fire, adapting to change, be yourself, Aries self. The “I Am” energy that we have been experiences and I have been learning about. Foundations, awareness, power in the self, confidence to move forward past fear, without fear through challenges. Challenges are not meant as punishment, but as a tool to cause growth and expansion. He’s excited about his newly awakened fire energy.

2. How can I celebrate my accomplishments? 

Another 5! 5 of Swords. Nourish your thoughts and struggles. Sit within yourself and appreciate inner conflicts you have overcome so far. Celebrate by buying yourself some roses, show yourself some love and kindness that you think comes from the outside world. Take yourself on a date and give your thoughts a break. Relax.

3. Where can I make adjustments to keep moving forward?

6 of Cups. Embrace your feminine energy. Balance your emotions using that feminine energy. If you hold too many cups at once, you’re more likely to spill or drop one. Nurture your emotions. Give yourself compassion. Focus on self-care. Don’t overwhelm yourself with projects.

4. How can I best serve my community?

Justice. Keeping yourself balanced is the best way to serve your community. Sharing your truth and the spiritual knowledge you have attained will help those around you, even if it makes everyone uncomfortable. Discomfort brings change and growth, it’s one of those challenges again. Being yourself will help balance the distractions and viewpoints of the 3D and mainstream media. Justice is happening in the world, karma is being cleared.

5. How can I best nourish myself at this time?

3 of Swords. Watch any downstream thoughts and turn them upstream as quick as you can by using your favorite self-nourishing technique. It’s time to care for yourself more in order to help everyone else. It’s you in your head fighting your thoughts. This is resistance. Stop the over-thinking, stop being in the past or worrying about the future. Be in the present moment as often as you can. The more you practice, the easier you can get and stay there. Watch and negative thoughts about the self. Any thoughts outside of self-love are out of alignment. Calling yourself names, saying you’re not good enough or skilled enough yet, all pull you out of the vibration of love.

6. What can I do to improve my home life?

Queen of Cups. Be generous and compassionate with peoples emotions, moods, and feelings. Be mature and care for those around you because everyone is struggling in their own way. Be the one to hold space when someone needs it. Be understanding and loving, soft and nurturing. Make sure you are doing the same to yourself. You must fill your own cup first so it overflows into other peoples. If you focus on your own self-care, everything else improves out from there.

7. Messages from Angels & Spirit Guides for this last quarter moon.

Ace of Pentacles. Success! The skull pointing forward right at me says, keep moving forward in the direction you are with balance, with that grounded Taurus, logical, practical, realistic energy. Invest in yourself and it will pay off. Act, think, feel from the vibration of love, green, heart chakra. I looked up the praying mantis as well.”It lives harmoniously with the other members of its habitat.” Perfect for this reading. Thank you, Angels!

In this Self-Nourishing tarot spread, I’m using the Santa Muerta Tarot Deck for the month of October ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿค

Here is a playlist of all the fall astrology videos on YouTube I’ve been watching in case you want to learn more too!

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