Tomorrow is October 1st and there’s a full moon in Aries bringing in some intense ass energy! I’m feeling this full moon extra hard because my moon sign IS Aries. 3:33pm right now, my life path number. Go figure, there’s the Universe telling me I’m right on track. Thanks guys!

The moon is all about our emotions, our internal world. Full moons are all about letting go of what is no longer serving us. Combine that with the aggressive, direct energy of Aries and the balancing, harmonious Libra energy where the sun is located right now. I came up with these internal, self-healing questions to ask myself. It’s a time to deal with what is really bugging you inside. Where we need to heal, let go, and move on? It’s time to transform and level up kids.

Full Moon in Aries Tarot Spread
Full Moon in Aries Tarot Spread

1. What do I need to address within myself?

Page of wands jumped out at me twice this morning. He’s admiring his wand and the leaves it produced. More lizards on his yellow coat! I’ve been seeing lizards everywhere, especially live ones! In order to survive, the lizards let go of their tail. It’s time for me to step into my power with faith that the universe has my back. Now is the time to let go of the past. I need to appreciate how far I’ve come and accept where I am. I’ve earned it. Yellow reminds me to be confident in who I am even when I’m the only one around me who is or feels a certain way. The Page is starting a new journey of the self. I need to realize and start to respect some of the internal changing I’m going through.

2. What is causing me frustration?

2 of Wands. The whole world! The same as everyone else; restrictions, division, frustration between the collective. Instead of being out in the world, this person stands on their balcony with a small globe, wishing they were out there exploring. It looks so beautiful out there in nature, and that’s where everyone should be. The 2’s are telling me to focus on teamwork and cooperation.

3. How can I remain calm day to day?

6 of Swords. Let go of ideas and thoughts that are no longer needed because it’s making the boat heavy! This fits in perfectly with this Aries full moon. Old behaviors and thought patterns have been weighing heavy on me the past week. There’s no need to bring these thoughts of the past into my future. Lighten your load and welcome new ideas!

4. What area of my life needs more balance?

10 of Cups. Expectations of my dreams and goals. That perfect rainbow needs to be grounded down to earth in order to to become real. My Aries moon wants that instant gratification. Emotions and growth in my business needs to remain balanced. Nothing happens overnight. Aries energy is making my expectations too high, but things just don’t happen overnight.

5. How can I stay grounded and balanced?

7 of Cups. Watch and appreciate my emotions. Continue to focus on my internal healing and trust that Source has my back. Everything is happening with divine timing and when it’s suppose too. Source has a plan. Listen and acknowledge what brings joy and what brings frustration.

6. What can I do to improve my relationships?

5 of Pentacles. Be more vulnerable. Ask for help. There are tons of people in that church who would be willing to help these people if they would only go inside and ask. Be clear on your needs within your relationships.

7. Messages from Angels & Spirit Guides.

King of Pentacles. Don’t worry, because you will reach your goals! Be practical, sensible, respectful. Material comfort is already yours. Be generous, but make sure you watch your boundaries so you’re pouring from a cup that’s already overflowing. Be mature and diplomatic with the other humans. Play nice, Ashleigh!!

In this Full Moon in Aries tarot spread, I’m using the Radiant Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck.

Here is a playlist of all the fall astrology videos on YouTube I’ve been watching in case you want to learn more too!

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